New IPMA and The Future of the In-plant Study

IPMA 2017
Greg Cholmondeley will be a Keynote Speaker at the IPMA 2017 Conference, June 11-14 in Pittsburgh, PA

I’ve been commissioned by IPMA to run a study on the anticipated trends and strategic directions of in-plant printing operations. The objective is to provide a forward-looking perspective of how the market is anticipated to change.

The study will focus on two main areas:

  • How will in-plants be different 5 years from now?
    (e.g. services offered, customer and organizational perceptions, capabilities, staffing, etc.)
  • And what is being planned to make that happen?
    (e.g. investments, skill-building, marketing efforts, restructuring, etc.)

I’m starting the process by interviewing thought-leading in-plant managers and C-level executives who have in-plants reporting to them. Then I’ll compile their answers into an online survey to measure how they resonate with the broader market. The final report will contain insights and statistical analysis to help IPMA members determine how their future plans align with those of their peers.

Please comment, email or message me if you would like to be interviewed and/or included in the survey.

IPMA 2017 Conference Keynote

I’ll also be speaking at the upcoming IPMA 2017 Conference June 11-14, in Pittsburg, PA. If you’re an in-plant, you should seriously consider attending – and not just to hear my lunchtime keynote. You can expect to learn about:

  • Creating a Road Map for Success
  • Turning a Cost Center into a Profit Center
  • Security Printing
  • Augmented Reality
  • Defending Your Existence
  • Leading with Strength
  • Networking and idea-sharing with your peers
  • And over 50 equipment and software vendors

This is always a valuable conference. Visit to learn more. I hope to see you there!

Oh, and while you’re thinking of the near future, be sure to go to Amazon and buy my latest technology suspense novel, NAKIWULO and the Circle of Shiva, to read on your flight to Pittsburgh. It isn’t about in-plants, but it does take place in 2024. That’s near the target time of the study although I’m not sure I’d want these predictions to come true…