Is Workflow Automation Worth the Effort?

There’s lots of buzz about automating workflows:

  • I just ran a Future of the In-plant study and one of the top investment areas was workflow automation
  • I’m here at PRINT and there are numerous software packages on the floor for automating prepress

But is it worth your time and effort?

Well, that depends upon your volume, your job mix, your existing internal processes, what you mean by automation, and your culture – but the answer is probably yes. By the way, automation doesn’t have to mean lights-out, no-touch, soup-to-nuts, automating. It can simply mean automating specific tasks, or specific types of jobs to increase productivity. In other words, it could be like a robotic assembly line or it could be like using power tools instead of hand tools.

Check out this video and try using these interactive eBooks I created if you’re curious about whether you have the volume and job mix to get a reasonable ROI from workflow automation. I did them for efi JobFLow and impose, but you can put in your own numbers for your volumes, times, and solutions of interest to get your head around the excited sales and marketing claims, no matter what automation solution you’re considering.

Workflow ROI Tools

Try it and have fun!