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You can't have a solution without a problem

Technology marketing is not about features and performance – it’s about identifying and solving real business problems. Sometimes these are obvious, but often knowing when and how to use technology is as valuable as the tech itself.

Cholmonco Technology Marketing Services



  • Product Assessments
  • Market Surveys
  • Analytical Sales Tools
  • Presentation Sales Tools
  • Sales Training
  • Video & Written Case Studies
  • Video Product Briefings
  • Video Editing & Voiceovers
  • General Writing



  • Workflow Automation
  • Multi-channel Direct Marketing
  • Sales Training
  • Solution Selling
  • Software Development
  • Project Management
  • In-plant Printing Industry
  • Commercial Printing Industry
  • Book Printing Industry
  • Education Industry

Cholmonco Books

Cholmondeley Novels
Nakiwulo and the Circle of Shiva and Princess Novels

I am also using some of the technology I've helped develop and market over the past 30 years to share my own stories. Visit Cholmonco Books to see and order a growing collection of novels which are printed on demand.